Voter Resources

To vote for Sarah Shad Johnson for Consolidated School Board East Cooper, you will need to cast your ballot in the General Election on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

Voter Resources

For your convenience, we have compiled some helpful information from and to help prepare you to vote in the 2018 General Election.  

Register to Vote

You must be a registered voter in order to vote in South Carolina. In the Palmetto State, voter registration is closed approximately 30 days prior to Election Day. Voters who are eligible to vote in Charleston County may register to vote online; register to vote in person at the Charleston County Board of Voter Registration; or download a voter registration form, complete it, and return it to the Charleston County Board of Voter Registration via mail, fax, or email.

Check your Voter Registration Status

If you are registered to vote in South Carolina, it's a smart idea to check your registration status a few weeks before the last day to register (again, that date is approximately 30 days before an election). This gives you time to make any necessary changes to your voter registration information. You may check your South Carolina voter registration status online.

Prepare for Election Day

The polling places are open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm on Election Day in South Carolina. The South Carolina Election Commission says that anyone in line at 7:00 pm will be allowed to vote.

To find your polling place before Election Day, visit the State Election Commission website and select your County, then enter your Name and Date of Birth as the information appears on your Voter Registration Card. We also recommend you generate a sample ballot before going to cast your vote. This will allow you to see the ballot on which you'll be casting your vote so that you'll be more familiar with the races and the candidates in those races. You'll be able to view, save, and print a sample ballot when you confirm your polling place or view your voter registration status online.

In South Carolina, we use a touch screen voting system. To familiarize yourself with the system, you'll find a video demonstration and a printable info sheet online. There will also be instructions on the screen when you go to cast your ballot. 

If you are a voter with special needs, your polling place may offer special assistance. Visit the State Election Commission website for more information for Voters with Disabilities. We also urge you to call the Charleston County Board of Voter Registration for more information on accessibility at your polling place. 

Helpful Voter Resources A website maintained by the South Carolina Election Commission for South Carolina voters. A website maintained by the non-partisan League of Women Voters for U.S. voters.