The time has come to reclaim our public schools with a new vision.

We must leave behind the failed notions of high stakes testing and corporate reform agendas which have negatively affected our students and schools for nearly two decades. Sarah will help Charleston County School District get back on track by reducing the unnecessary burdens of bureaucracy and focusing on the actual needs of the students and classrooms.


Sarah Shad Johnson wants to Provide Oversighta

Provide Oversight

The primary role of a school board is to govern the school district through policy. For years, the Charleston County School Board has struggled with performing this critical duty.

Sarah will work to bring about a much-needed balance of governing effectively and efficiently without micromanaging the daily operations of the school district.
Sarah Shad Johnson wants to Support Schools

Support Schools

The primary role of a school district is to provide support to schools such as safe buildings and transportation, quality educational programs, and excellent educators. The Charleston County School District has long been plagued by a top-down, one-size-fits-all management style that has failed students and schools. 

Sarah will help usher in a new vision and implement a bottom-up reform that will direct the focus and resources to actual classroom needs.

Sarah Shad Johnson wants to Elevate Teaching

Elevate Teaching

Teaching is a shared responsibility among educators, school administrators, and the school district. Good teaching does not happen in a vacuum, so adequate supports must be in place.

As our country moves away from the No Child Left Behind era of high stakes testing, Sarah will help implement more quality instructional time for students and teachers.